Wima Poetry

Wonderful poem about Wima Sweden 2015 from June Douglas Wima GB, thank you!

Sweden WIMA Rally 2015 the aim of our trip
Stopping off Antwerp, Bad Benthiem, Hamburg and Copenhagen, to get some kip.
France Belgium Germany Denmark en route,
Me on me motor, Ann on her scoot.
Antwerp short stop food beer and sleep
As onwards we must ­ timetable to keep.
Bad Benthiem quite quaint castle and all
But off the next day to Hamburg we haul.
Two days in Hamburg as tourists we go
Boat farts (varen/trips) Ice cream ­- it’s Bohemian you know
Now we are three and towards Denmark we ride
Innes in front and Ann by my side: ‘Will you get back’
Oh No ­- Red over heating light shone
pull in a lay­-by Innes rides on.
Meet up at ferry go front of the queue
If you’re a biker it’s what you do!
Woman in car annoyed at our move
She gets out, walks over has something to prove.
States she been there for hours so far
Also she’s got 3 kids in the car.
(There’s anger there’s hatred within her voice)
Me diplomatic ‘Hunny, that was your choice’.
I think ‘You not heard of contraception’ ­ might have slipped out too.
Money paid, barrier up, then we were through
(Luckily she didn’t get our ferry)
Copenhagen to the palace to see the guards
beggars in the centre every 3 yards
To little mermaid we did roam
And pictured an orca alone on a stone.
And so to the Bridge, the Bridge we crossed
Bit disappointed nobody was tossed
Ooooh so no crime scene we’d made it to
Oh my god it’s the Garden of Eden
Its enormous fab roads and the people so nice
And everything bought was well worth the price
(For the scare mongers who’d said it was dear)
Finally at rally site wooo it looks great
Oh my god it’s Kitty she’s my old mate
(Not seen her for 15 years)
Sign in, tee shirt, oh pants as well
This will be good do you know how to tell?
No rules or regs given by hosts
These are rallies I love the most
Quick scan of flags, where’s my party mate?
Ahh bugger she’s not arriving till late.
Pitch with the Dutch they’re usually fun
And as NO Jan here – oh I miss our Bun
Welcome meal lekker (nice/tasty), WIMA anthem is sung
Lots of talking drinking and dancing, live band has begun
(Feck me Bono’s in the house)
By Tuesday all Brits were on site or near by,
Poor Zara each night alone she must lie.
(When I say alone I mean alone, the only guest in the hotel Honest I’d not said owt yr onner.)
The weather is different some sun some rain
Let’s move to the left, pigging clouds moved again ggggrrrr
Jan and Lynn to Gothenburg go
It’s pissing with rain, being positive, No snow.
Lynn stops, sees smoke OMG panic attack
Call rescue service as she needs to get back.
Lovely female mechanic turned up to repair
only to find Lynn should have blonde hair (twas only cold rain water
hitting hot engine)
Lynn’s solicitors have issued a statement on her behalf
So much later that day back at the rally base
Met Dutch friends had Cake ­- offa my face :0)))
Evenings in party tent or sitting round fire
Fun was there for all to acquire.
So many nations in one place
Mixing together in one big embrace
The games we played were absolutely terrific
Pinnies headscarves and of course the red lipstick.
Claudia our President was up for the test
To produce a team of winners, the best.
I was there in that team
To be the the champions was our dream.
We had to dress up in right funny clothes
We ran, carried water, beer came out of my nose.
All competitors were winners and our supporters too
On this occasion friendships grew.
To the Langen we rode Rita, Myra and me
‘Why?’ you say: ‘Elks to see!’
Hamburg Beach ­ who’d
have thought?
They weren’t doing much ­- lying in the thick grass
I said to a small boy ‘Don’t poke a stick up its arse!
( I forgot the DON’T oops ! 0)
Anyway Elk baby got up and up and up and up (point reoccurring),
Cooor they are tall
Cos lying down he looked pretty small.
On day of parade it seemed a long way
Was glad when we stopped at Tydingesjons MC cafe.
On Swedish media our arrival was spoken
So many turned up their record was
Most bikes ever in one day -­ yeeeee WIMA
On Thursday arrive our honeymoon couple
Both into yoga and so very supple.
Tell tales they do of expense and woe
When Ian’s bike exploded and then wouldn’t go.
Everyone asking to see sparkle’s ring
Sunglasses needed wow what bling.
Our farewell dinner a lovely affair
Great speeches great food – ‘Lynn what’s that in your hair?’
No partying too hard tomorrow early start
I t’s sad but inevitable we all have to part.
I headed south with our Ann in the rain: you’re too bloody close, She’s
at it again
Other lucky WIMAs still have travelling to
But they can tell you their stories as I
need the loo.

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